The Patio restaurant was designed around the interplay of interior and exterior space. The design attempts to bring the sky and outdoor gardens within during the day, while at night the interior is projected outward. This combination creates an environment of serenity using architectural and landscape elements to screen out the parking lot and traffic beyond. Through a veil of glass, a continuous interior-exterior garden space is created within a boundary of masonry walls. At night the interior glows outward welcoming the passerby into a modern day observatory to rest and dine.


The plantings were carefully coordinated with the architecture, incorporating the building palate of autumn colored brick, purples and yellows of the Brazilian slate floor and golden stained oak trellises, the landscape compliments the building. The burmed park entry walk and masonry boundary walls define the perimeter of the space and transform around the front of the building into an enclosed outdoor garden with a cornucopia of plant species and colors.


The building here acts as a backdrop to the multiple landscape colors, textures and aromas which combined with the low burmed garden walls, create a unique private outdoor garden for dinning and public park at the entry for circulation and play. All in a theatrical oasis like setting, providing a dynamic sequence viewed from within and energized by pedestrians who enter and exit this contemporary urban Patio.