This 8000 square foot 6 bedroom residence is located in a new suburban Chicago subdivision developed with Neo Tudor or English Country Style guidelines. The site is located on the east side of a small lake surrounded by approximately twenty Neo Tudor Style Homes mandated by development guidelines.

In response to our clients’ program to minimize the solar exposure from the primary western view and to fully celebrate the natural features of this open fenceless site while providing privacy we negotiated an eclectic compromise with the developer to utilize the relatively modern language of the Prairie School. The design incorporates linear horizontal movement guiding the visitor from the exterior to interior to exterior again through a series of stepped interior and exterior levels developed around an L shaped plan.

The building form and landscape elements combine to isolate the raised terraced areas, providing privacy from the surrounding lower public space, while emphasizing the unique open view to the lake from above. From the front door one is drawn through the entry sequence into a shaft of linear space to the exterior terraces and views beyond. Utilizing moldings and soffits at the interior entry and a direct path through a pair of french doors with stairs strategically placed at the end of the exterior deck bridge beyond, an open unobstructed sequence is achieved.

This horizontal movement is further reinforced through the linear development and alignment of interior moldings, cabinetry, windows and doors integrated with the exterior masonry, limestone sills, awnings and multiple wood and paved terrace levels. Additionally, living spaces are developed in a spiraling clockwise downward movement from the family, kitchen, dinning and living areas, to the exterior multilevel terraces down to grade level interior living spaces and out to the landscape beyond.

Our attempt was to weave interior and exterior space into an organic form providing a private platform to view and celebrate the natural beauty of this site.