The Invisalign Office design was developed around the interplay of materials, light and architectural form in relation to the Invisalign dental technology.


Entering the space, a curvilinear dental like angled reception enclosure leads to the waiting area. While at the reception window, a grey misty white granite counter is lit from above with an integral translucent glowing light, suggestive of a tooth root profile. The waiting area furniture also reflects the Invisalign theme of clear plastic invisaligner over white teeth, with the couch covered in a white enamel-like coating, while the adjacent seats are composed of curvilinear clear plastic forms.


Beyond the waiting area, one is drawn towards a shimmering stainless steel tiled wall reminiscent of an archaic pre-invisalign tooth bracing technology leading to a lowered soffit corridor. This corridor is composed of a linear mahogany wood and glass curved wall enclosing the panorex imaging area which is contrasted by the adjacent alternating clear/translucent glass and mahogany custom doors panels. Passing this dynamic sequence you arrive at a circular back lit raised soffit area and concave tooth shaped wall and focal point The Invisalign Display Unit at the operatory entrance.


The operatory area with indirectly lit taller ceilings and custom furniture is the centerpiece of the design. Utilizing reflective plastic laminate aluminum cabinets, a circular stainless steel audiovisual-screen unit and the focal point, a suspended translucent backlit Invisalign Display Unit, this area attempts to create an expansive luminescent space within a limited area.


Throughout this design, we have endeavored to conceptually merge the Invisalign technology of dental re-alignment utilizing transparent materials with architecture, by using various translucent elements, lighting and curvilinear forms we have attempted to achieve an integrated aesthetic solution.