The original Shapiro Dental Offices designed in 1988 attempted to humanize the dental office experience. Using a living room approach to the waiting area composed of natural materials, sequential spatial elements and the illusion of exterior spaces within an interior, the office proposed a new standard for the dental industry.


In a similar fashion, the new "Shapiro Dental Suite" attempts to once again push the envelope of what a patient may experience at the highest level of dentistry today. We have provided the ultimate in comfort for the patient throughout their office visit.


Through a sequence of spaces from the existing offices, one is drawn towards a shimmering stainless steel tiled wall leading to a lowered soffit corridor adjacent to the Invisalign Office waiting room. This corridor is composed of a linear mahogany wood and glass curved wall enclosing a Panorex imaging area contrasted by the adjacent unique alternating clear/translucent glass and mahogany custom office door and operatory panel system. Passing this dynamic sequence the patient arrives at a circular back-lit raised soffit area and concave tooth shaped wall and focal point entry to the unique new "Shapiro Dental Suite". ( see Invisalign Office previous page )


The office suite may be used as a private waiting area both prior and after major procedures and for celebrety clientele to insure patient comfort and privacy. From the office, patients are escorted directly to the attached "state of the art" operatory, which utilizes concealed customized equipment and cabinet enclosures to minimize the medical atmosphere of the space. Through the use of Stainless Steel, Mahogany and Lace Woods we convey a calm relaxed experience for the patient. The design attemps to combine both office and operatory spaces by using a continuous concave ceiling element, similar materials, glass panel dividers and a multifunctional door system to create a cohesive and intimate "Dental Suite" experience.