This three story 127,000 square foot Retail and Cineplex schematic design proposal located at Halsted and Washington Streets in Chicago attempts to be a little brother to the famed Skybridge Condominium Tower directly adjacent to the south. In that regard it strives to break the mold of the traditional Cineplex by using the otherwise large undelineated walls and massing characteristic to this building type, to emphasize three highly delineated elements.


First, the west elevation, with its back lit curtain wall, marquee and main entry attempt to create a highly detailed facade with varied scale for the pedestrian at Halsted street. Thereby helping to extend the existing urban fabric developed by the Skybridge Project and attempting to further connect  the Greek Town and Randolf Street Restaurant Corridor.


Secondly, the south elevation utilizes a flowing oval "movie-reel like" form to create a dynamic sequence from the ground floor entry up to the third floor Cineplex. This is accomplished by use of a highly transparent cable suspended curtain wall and stainless steel "container" which projects the movie audience upward to focus on the sky and panoramic Chicago Skyline view beyond.


Finally at the east elevation, the proposed Terrace Restaurant allows customers to dine while viewing the City from this theatrically shaped outdoor dinning room form. This space, captures the stunning view directly to the east by using its cinematic screen like open window to focus on the skyline and thereby establish a connection between theatre, dinning and the urban fabric of Chicago.


By focusing on these three elements both architecturally and economically we hope to achieve a viable buildable solution. One which attempts to weave an otherwise mundane building type into the urban fabric by not only responding to its environment, but also welcoming it inward to shape its form.