We have endeavored to create a sublime urban room surrounded by memorial gardens which attempt to celebrate life in the face of tragedy. From this space one will enter the open footprints of the towers which will contain the names and profiles of all who died on that infamous day. This space will provide, hope and relief to the emotional response that will surely follow when visiting this site. From this spatial void, symbolic of our loss, the hope and promise of peace may be felt when leaving the WTC footprints and exiting the tombs, religious rooms and private family gathering space located below the garden plane.


Entry into the memorial shall be from the September 11 Place down through a tunnel with an audio visual exhibition experience leading one out into the daylight of the Circle of Life, symbolic of rebirth and hope for the future. This center piece of the design allows one to travel through a sequence of spaces to the building footprints and around the perimeter of the site to experience the Wall of Heroes and slurry wall foundations, always returning to the core or heart of the design. Above the ground level a plane of grass wuth Memorial Gardens is folded up to provide another perspective of the memorial from above and a place to rest and contemplate.