This project required us to work within an existing non-descript building shell and basic floor plan layout. Our solution was to create an open loft like space, utilizing horizontal soffit slabs and highly detailed sculptural elements to unify and define this abstract architectural interior. Not fully completed, it is a perpetual work in progress which our client pursues as an ongoing work of art.


The focus of the project became the entry area stair which links the upper balcony and vertical fountain slab monolith with the first floor. This unique stair-bridge, fountain and light panel unit, utilizes a bow suspension system and cantilevered ribcage platform supports to create a functional flying sculpture. Set on a raised platform fountain slab, the stair acts as a platform to overlook the fountain monolith, entry door and living areas from above. Viewed from the corridor galleries and the living space the stair becomes the center piece of the design and establishes a point of origin for all other elements.


From the open two story central living area a continuous ceiling light soffit and second level balcony engage the monolith fountain slab and stair sculpture creating a unified central space using the stair-bridge as its focus. (with pass through bar and audio visual cabinets in progress)  Continuous lower level soffits also interconnect the entry and living areas, corridor galleries, library and kitchen areas to create a continuous flow of space.  


Through the use of custom designed doors, kitchen, pool, library, bedroom and living room elements we have attempted to create a language of architectural details and materials which compliment and influence each other into a unified solution.


The open two story central living area focuses on the stair and fountain wall, using a continuous light soffit above and second level balcony to focus which engage the monolith fountain slab creating  a unified element. curved seating layout (bar and audio visual cabinets in progress) is bracketed by the library and kitchen areas beyond. The design utilizes a continuous flow of space, reinforced by balcony and soffit overhangs which interconnect and unify the spaces.