In this the fourth Patio Restaurant designed by our office, we adopted similar elements of the Orland Park Patio plan, material usage and elements of interior and exterior space, (see full description of the Patio at Orland Park) while re-designing the building envelope and interior through the use of value engineering.


The most dynamic difference being the use of a backlit exposed canopy and storefront in lieu of a slanted curtain wall and metallic soffit overhang as seen in the Orland Park Patio. In addition while the Bolingbrook Patio building massing appears similar we have substituted a simple continuous pitched roof which combined with the storefront and canopy design have reduced both project costs and production time.


While the atrium interior appears to be a separate raised space as in the Orland Partk Patio, in fact the ceiling at Bolingbrook is slanted and continuous throughout to achieve an illusion of a taller space from both the interior and exterior. In addition we have eliminated the low massing element at the outdoor dinning area and added a storefront window and canopy to simplify the building further. 


Overall we have achieved similar effects in scale, space and flow while reducing construction costs, allowing for an economically reproducible design for our client.


The design attempts to bring the sky and outdoor gardens within during the day, while at night the interior is projected outward. This combination creates an environment of serenity using architectural and landscape elements to screen out the parking lot and traffic beyond. Through a veil of glass, a continuous interior-exterior garden space is created within a boundary of masonry walls. At night the interior glows outward welcoming the passerby into a modern day observatory to rest and dine. All in a theatrical oasis like setting, providing a dynamic sequence viewed from within and energized by pedestrians who enter and exit this contemporary urban Patio.